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New Breast Cancer Imaging Technique

March 14, 2012 by Julia     0

Breast Cell in Real Time
Breast Cell in Real Time
Purdue University researchers have recently revealed a new imaging technique designed to reveal breast cancer. The technique involves vibrational spectral microscopy, which uses a laser to detect the vibrational frequency of breast tissue molecules. Before being used on human breast tissue, the laser was tested on “3D culture” with properties extremely similar to a human mammary gland. The most useful factor of the vibrational frequency technique is that it works almost instantly, significantly reducing stressful wait times for both doctors and patients. From there, doctors can determine whether or not to start a course of chemotherapy. Your doctor may suggest you to buy Arimidex or Femara 2.5 mg online at best prices.

The technique is particularly accurate, as it is extremely sensitive to the presence of arachidonic acid, which can be harmful. The process is designed to detect changes in the polarity of lipids, called “basoapical polarity.” When the lipids’ polarity is altered, otherwise normal tissue can be rearranged, which may lead to the formation of a tumor. Now, thanks to the vibrational frequency technique, doctors can measure the polarity of epithelial (skin and flesh) cells in real time, and are able to detect earlier the potential for tumor formation.

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